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Need your help guys!!

SO I reaaaaaaallly wanna win this ipad, and my gift for this contest was pretty epic horrible. It was a stuffed squirrel in a kayak. YES. So please like the pic so I can win!! Its through facebook and you can just fave it and be done. I think you have to fave the chattanooga times free press to view but use the link and it shouldn't take but a few seconds!!


Lemme know if you do and I'll try to make it worth your while!

christmas cards!

panda and I are printing christmas cards soon. He will be posting this on his journal too, but since we're sending the same card then just comment here and not on his so we can have them all in one spot.

post your address please. It's hard to send you a card with no address.

Nintendo ds lite black

Anyone interested in a nintendo ds lite in black + games? asking $75

-animal crossing
-nintendogs- dachshund
-pokemon diamond
-brain age

You are bidding on a Kangaroo fursuit! This fursuit head was built by Surfcatcostumes.com! Also known as Sophie Cabra!

Costume is in great condition and has been worn very few times.

And with this costume you get:



-Body (includes tail)


-Hip Padding

The bodysuit fits someone up to 6'3, and approx. 220lbs and the feet are up to size 12 1/2 mens.

Happy Bidding!

Dead stuff for sale

Includes furs and bones (if you don't like this stuff, DONT CLICK!)

Taking offers for this stuff

Dead Stuff for sale!!Collapse )

2 more plush for sale!

I forgot these guys!

Stuff for sale!!Collapse )
Make an offer, I'm also willing to haggle!

Stuff for sale!!Collapse )



she only needs like 5 more votes!


Looking for some good movie suggestions. I've seen alooot of movies, but I'm always looking for more good stuff.

Only thing I hate, is scary movies/ horror.

ok GO!

Anyone want some cheap art?

$10 badges

$20 full color pieces

$5 sketches

Also taking one painting comission.