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Ramblings of a crazy Kangaroo

Macropus rufus!

Faux Paw
Howdy there! Most of you know me as FauxPaw (my name was chipperfox). My animal character is a Kangaroo, and she is a very hoppy one ^.^ I'm an artist and a costumer. I make costumes for cons/ plays/ for the hell of it. I love to volunteer mascot. Don't you wish you were as cool as me...

FYI- its pronounced Fo Paw, like the Pho in phone :3

Fursuit comission info!

Current comission status:

wait list:
1 OPEN spot

Email me at FauxPaw888@yahoo if you would like to be added to the wait list!

Price lists:
I give out individual quotes on suits and heads depending on complexity. More complex pieces may require more time. email me if you have questions or if you would like a quote. Most basic suits start at $850 :3


College Rooled

Fursuit comission info!

Current comission status:

wait list:
1 OPEN spot

Email me at FauxPaw888@yahoo if you would like to be added to the wait list!

Price lists:
These pieces start at these prices, but can go up depending on complexity. More complex pieces may (rarely) require more time. email me if you have questions :3

Head- $350
full suit- $700

Not convinced yet? See my testimonials!

userinfosilver_r_wolfe "Chipperfox saved my marriage!"

userinfoRose_quoll "While my item wasn't a commission, I recieved a fantastic painted tabletop piece from FauxPaw as a contest submission. Her work and attention to detail on my characters was fantastic, and she was very careful about coating the table to protect the work. The item was also well packed when mailed internationally. Great work, great worth ethic!"

"Chipperfox reduces unsightly yellow dramatic buildup on your internet when applied regularly."

"Cookies are nice, FauxPaw is too. O.o"

userinfojohnwallaby "Chipperfox is one of my top-10 best huggers of Dragon*Con 2006"

userinfokatmaxis *chipperfox is very colorfull!!*

"faux paw drew me eyeball refs. i am thusly forever indebted to her. :')
lol. i dunno, for real though...you are super nice and sweet! plus you're a roo grrl...who are all the roos guys?!

look at the first post if you're interested in friending me. I don't bite... sometimes.
Also please note I won't add/ keep you added if you don't friend me as well. I figure lj-friending is a 2-way street.

"When my son fell out of his tree, an angel just happened to be driving by. Without hesitation, she stopped her truck to run over and hold my son's head in line. Within seconds (it seemed to me) the whole EMT crew was strapping my son expertly onto a board. Everyone was calm, even friendly about it all. There was even someone who could talk to his little brother, soothing him from the frightening experience of seeing his big brother hurt. Just before they shut the ambulance doors, I managed to ask the angel what her name was. All she said was, 'Faux Paw.'

Thank you, Faux Paw! Thank you, all of you!"

"Feeling dowm? listless? already had your 50th cup of java and the 51st is just pushing it? well then you need CHIPPERFOX!
ChipperFou brings you out of that slimp with higgablu hugs and roo type wit!made with innovative chipperfox technology, wow the rest of your friends today! walk don't run to to the nearest con or computer to get what you've been looking for...that's ChipperFox the faux paw roo!"

"chipperfox. she's chipperfoxeriffic. or "fauxpaw. she's fauxpawerrfic."but all the "er"s in "chipperfoxeriffic" sound better :P"

Dude I'm a badger!!!
i'm in hufflepuff!

be sorted @ nimbo.net

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